Latest changes on our TribeWars Rust server

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Servers | 0 comments

Hi guys.

It’s been a while since my last post regarding CroHQ TribeWars Rust server, so I decided to make amends describing all the changes we implemented from last time.

My latest post was related to Building takeover mechanism. Only two conditions for taking over a building block were:
– cupboard authorization
– owner of the building block had to be offline for more the three days

This second condition is now changed, now from the first day it’s possible to take over building blocks from active players as well, with one exception – you can’t take over some ones doors!

This change was possible because of a change we made with how we handle ownership of the doors. Until today, owner of the door frame was the owner of the door placed on that door frame. In the last patch Facepunch implemented a way to know who is the owner of every entity placed in the world, which enabled us to know who the real owner of the door is, regardless of the ownership of door frame.

This change will enable few new features, there were not available before on our server, but were on vanilla servers:
1. Squatting
– new players is always easier to take some ones raided house then to build from scratch.
This change makes me very happy, since that way my main way of getting a house when I was playing solo on vanilla servers.
2. Defensive purposes
In case of raids, after the raid defender always have to deal with raid towers or frontal “raid” bases the attackers built. Finally defenders can takeover those buildings and turn them into their defensive structures.

This will bring a bit of dynamic in structure territory control on the map, which wasn’t available before on our server.

In other changes, there’s a new plugin in place – SignEditor. It enables players to place images from the Web to pictures and signs.
It’s rather simple to use with the chat command:
/paint URL name
URL is the web link to the image, and ‘name’ is the image name you want that picture to be saved.
After the image is saved on the server, you can easily paste it to another sign by typing:
/paint name

We recommend URL shortener service to be used, since Rust chat box has a limited number of characters, so if the URL is longer, it will fail to download the image.

We also increased output of wood by 50%, so we lower grin-dines of wood. With already increased sulphur gather rates by 100%, wood was always in demand more then enough.

And, as our last change – we implemented an enhanced metabolism.

Food and water were never important in Rust. Food was used only as one more item that can give you HP.
To be hones, that’s a bit silly.

I’ve made a plugin that has separate metabolism timer, that will decrease food and water more, as you have it more. It’s recommended to have between 100 and 500. All values above 500 will be considered overeating and will lower your food and water more per metabolism tick.

Having food and water finally means something!
– I think no one in Rust died from hunger or dehydration. They have on our server.
– I think ever said “Hey, while you coming, can you bring some water?” They have on our server.
– Water collector finally mean something!

For easier handling of food and water items, we increased stacks for those items from 10-20, depending on the item.
We also increased number of animals, so hunt would be easier.

But watch out, there are more wolfs and bears as well 🙂

That would be all for now and I hope to see you on our server!