Unturned Report #1

by | Jan 4, 2016 | News, Servers

Hello, my name is David, I’m 19 years old and interested in information technology and games since I have a computer. I became interested in servers when I wanted to play Counter-strike 1.6 with friends but did not have one. Since then, it’s been 7-8 years and in that time I administered Minecraft servers that went very well until there was too much work because server updates started coming out too often but plugin updates failed to follow the update track and produced a lot of problems.

I also started playing Unturned with friends over Hamachi and then started learning administrating Unturned servers. In the meantime, I started to play Unturned online on unturned.rocks servers thankfully to Sven (fr34kyn01535) the owner of the community. Unturned servers had “rocket mod” plugin and I gained a lot of knowledge while administrating 15 Unturned global servers. Although the servers were interesting and full of players there were certain complications and the community fell apart but the rocket mod is still alive and Sven makes regular updates.

Our servers also have rocket mod and the story of Unturned servers started in October 2015, when I asked the team from the CroHQ.org community could I get one Unturned server. Soon they gave me a VPS server which I configured with few basic plug-ins (home, feast, tpa) and only after a few minutes server uptime first players came to play. After the success of the first server I asked for more resources to make PvP and PvE servers.

After setting up the second server and studying additional plugins and after a couple of new ideas I decided to add a couple of things on the server. I added vote rewards from Unturned servers website, a few starting kits and started setting up the shop plugin for the server. Number of players grew from day to day, and since we had, at the request of players, the Washington map on all servers, I asked for additional two servers on which we could host another Unturned map named PEI.

In December, we opened additional two servers (PEI PvP and PvE) and again I setted up all plug-ins to improve the server, finished the shop and integrated it on all servers. The average number of players on the servers are 15-20 which means that they are often all full and the only difference is that Washington servers have players throughout the night while PEI servers are little less populated in the late night hours.

So much from me for now and see you in the coming Unturned statements. 😉