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After second Dota2 tournament which was very intense where CroHQ team gave up, we have played very dinamic, third, CroHQ Dota2 tournament.

This time winners were s+4 or maybe better called shpura+4.

Second place were Divinity Gaming and third were Little Midgets.

Dominant approach was from s+4 which plowed through the whole tournament, as it was looking that way to our viewers which were watching stream on official Twitch channel.

If you are interested in how tournament looked, you can see record on our twitch channel ( Cup and Finals) and bracket you can see our on tournament pages.

At end of tournament we did one short interview with captain of s+4, with Shpura. Interview you can see here.

We would commend our Potatomana which made completely new application for applications of teams and players and we belive that we will continue using that application  because of positive response which we got on end of tournament.

Application you can find on page, which you can bookmark how you could make application for next tournament which will be played 22.5.2016. at 6pm.

With that we have tried our new caster so you can freely say what you think about him and in future there would be a lot of people on “testings” how we would find the best caster which we would hangout a long time.

That would be all from us, see you on next tournament. 😉

Translated by: javolimkatarinu