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Though we organised 11 FaceIT cups every Saturday ( except one Tuesday because of good manners) people always asked us “Is the Cup this Saturday?” ( obviously people don’t remember more than one week) and we would always answer “Of course, it is every Saturday.”

Well, from this week you can ask that with a reason, because we are taking a break from our FaceIT cups for a month. We will see if we will continue with the Cups next month.

One of the major reasons is bad response on majority of last CS:GO cups, other reasons are ( not a lot smaller) lack of casters and commentators. It seems that with one tournament on Friday and Sunday our cup on Saturday is not exactly best suited for players nor the viewers.

Beside that, on our future cups we will stream only semi-final and final matches because of small viewership which might be because of bad casting and unknown teams which also don’t even know that the stream of our cups even exists.

We will be turning to other ideas and working on some other stuff and until than enjoy Fridays and Sundays in regular Balkan Cups and CS Adria Challenge tournaments.

translated by: JaVolimKatarinu