CroHQ birthday and the month of giveaways

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Giveaways, News | 0 comments

This month crept on us with our CroHQ birthday which was yesterday,when 5 years ago CroHQ group was created on Steam.

While we were passive in our first 4 years, at the end of last year we organized and, as you can see, started to regulary work from the start of this year.

That was also noticed in a way that on start of this year we had just 500 facebook likes on our facebook page and now, 3 months later, we have gather 300 likes more which is significant improvement for us

With all of that, we are getting more and more views on our web page, unlike previous years when our page didn’t have any content and services.

This month we will celebrate 5 years of CroHQ, so there will be a lot of giveaways of CroHQ points, items for games and some games in general.

We hope that this month we will come (for us magical number) to 1000 facebook likes on our page so more people will about us and maybe start using more of our services and servers.

First giveaway will be a game in which we have our game server and we are talking about a popular game called ARK Survival Evolved.

You need to like and share (public) our post about the giveaway on our facebook page to participate in it.

Giveaway will last until Saturday noon and post about the winner will be around 16:00 on our Facebook page, when we will start preparing for our Dota2 Weekend Tournament stream.

Good luck to everyone in the giveaway and until then there will be some quick giveaways so you need to follow our Facebook and Web pages if you want to win more in the following days of our birthday month. 😉

Translated by: JaVolimKatarinu