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After few giveaways and opening few game servers ( Arma3 and Garry’s Mod ) last week. This week we are starting with one in-house project.

Last week our Potatoman was working on small project which we published today and it is about page.

Everybody who have good will to help CroHQ community how more people would find out about us ( with minimal effort ) now can do that with one “mega super uber cool never seen” CroHQ steam signature.

Steam signature use a lot of forums and web pages and by that you raise visibility of our web portal and with that there is opportunity for more visitors and more cups, giveaways and game servers.

Currently page is in “beta” so there is just few backgrounds and you can use just 1 of them. In future there would be more backgrounds depending on place where you want to show it.

Of course, we are looking for your suggestions for backgrounds and with suggestions you can send a template on and it might dawn as background for signature.

That is all for today and tommorow we are starting new week cycle of giveaways for this birthday month.

Translated by: JaVolimKatarinu