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You have some time and you don’t know what to do? You have habit to watch various streams? You have never watched stream? You would see a regional streamer how they play games which you are playing too?

Answers on all that questions we are giving on our stream part where we have 21 regional streamers. Some of them stream every day while others don’t stream for few days.

We have divided that section on 2 parts and we will update her as we get know for a regional streamer.

Stream info section is section where you can see basic informations about channel, short description or some extra links where you can follow to find out more about streamer.

Second part is Stream Status where you can see which regional streamer is online so you can decided which channel you would like to watch.

Except our page where you can see names of streamers which you would like to follow we suggest to use pages which allow you to watch more channels at same time. Example of that is

Of course, we all know that streamers very often try to raise number of viewers with various giveaways and that they rewarded their faithful viewers. One of them is called “loyality points” system which rewards you with time spent on some channels.

Points can have names from mushrooms, cancers, gold coins to boobs which allow you various benefits depending on which channel you are.

What are you waitting? Look at shortly informations about streams and then their status and peek onto them. At the end of that you can add one follow on regional channel if you haven’t yet. 😉

Translated by: javolimkatarinu