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While we are waitting for spring major, and for opportunity to collect new striders ( winter compendium is running out today) we decided to  make a review on qualifications and announce coverage for oncoming Manila Major which starts 7.June. Noni and I are going to try to summarize best parts for every day of tournament, from upsets and new starts to freshest meme stuff and similar. Today we are going  to review  qualifications and direct invites which held at start of month.

Direct invite has got 12 teams, and 4 more went through qualifications. On tournament there would be standard 16 teams, invited based their earlier achievements. From Shangai Major ( We won’t remember him anymore, he isn’t worth it) a lot of teams changed their lineups ( EG, Secret etc.. ) but there are unchanged lineups like OG and Alliance. Only, maybe, suspicious invite was LGD gaming which got invite before teams like Newbee and EHOME, which have better results this season. It is speculated that LGD got invite because of big names in their team ( xiao8) and from reason that LGD is team which was on international stage.

About qualifications, there were 4 regions- America, China, Europe and SEA. They were held from 3.-6. May and from every group there is going just one team on major. In our best group ( Europe) teams like Empire, Kaipu( singu), VirtusPro and NoDiggity( synderen) were fighting and Empire won it.

In America there were teams like DC with completely new lineup, Dragneel ( aka Dragon Slayerzzz) which has 100% winrate when enemies are playing with Dragons. Win in this regions was taken by Sunfasov team DC, which is first Major for them.

In China Newbee has won it, whihc is dominating in Epicenter lane ( and haven’t lost any of last 29 matches), but big names like EHOME, Vici Gaming and IG haven’t qualified. From SEA region is coming Mineski team, whihc is only known from this list of teams.

Final 16 teams

Next article will be written about new compendium and if Gaben allows us ( tradeable, giftable etc.) we will give away one (1) compendium.

Who will you support on Major? Write it in comment and may the flamewar begin!

Translated by: javolimkatarinu