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ALERT: Longer text, play music.

On Sunday took place and our fourth DOTA2 tournament which was, not like the previous one, completed without at least one problem. 🙂

Although generally everything was fine, except there was a problem with DOTA2 bug with creating teams, and applying to Cup. We tried a little to avoid the problem, and we enabled the application through Steam in a way that players contact me so that they put themselves in seed of the bracket.

So we get 2 team of which turned out to be one team applied 2 times (these “retards” were obviously went justify the name 😛 -no hard feelings-) with the result that the team Meed & Feed had a “free pass” in the second round of the tournament.

Besides the occasional delays and there was too much trouble and the only thing we regret that there was no Noni0ne who would with Houdini own casting part of the tournament. This way we again had several casters at first and later.We later had Houdini for which we hope that will, with Noni0ne be casting duo of our Cups.

Of course, if any of them will not be able, we would have a temporary replacement 2-3 casters so that should be covered in this part, but we’re always open to new people who are interested in streaming and commenting tournament.

This way, of course, we want to thank all the casters (Vonderhej and Blozee) who were in one of the games and of course our magical Houdini who has served the entire tournament for a period of 5-6 hours. Of course thanks and bananko that gave 1 compendium for the giveaway and the other players who have made some skins to charity. List all the items soon the donation of the page.

During stream we, on luck of viewers (due to the time of concentration castera), gave away 2 Compendium and some of the items for DOTA2 tournament. Congratulations to the winners of the object and to other viewers we wish more luck in the next tournament giveawayovima 🙂

Thank certainly everyone who played and watched, we hope that we will soon have even more spectators and players.

Now a little about themselves Match. Do you remember the last winner of the tournament? Well, no more and no less guys again took victory. Although this time shpura didnt play and the team was quite changed (and called retards) guys are practically the same team and are quite dominant took victory in the tournament.


This time we noticed one more team than the home team with even 4 strangers and we warn only domestic tournament that is more suitable for regional players and admitted the mistake and said that next time try to find local team to play.

Last game, players “retards” are totally out played and rectal opportunity “Little Midgets’ 2-0 in the final BO3. The first game are excellent turn with Meepo who successfully backdoored. The second game they were outpicked and finished in 16 minutes with a score of 20: 3. Honor to “Little midgets” who ,although almost did not play a tournament, turned up, reached the finals and showed their teeth in another weekend tournament.

At the end of the tournament we did another small interview with the manager retard (Tehila) and the interview can be seen on our twitch recordings.

In the end we want one more time to say thank you to all who have come we hope that we will, at the next tournament, be even more numerous and that DOTA2 bug with the teams would be resolved.

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