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Hi guys, after this “busy” Dota2 weekend we are bringing you one review on behaviour of players and some teams.

This time 10 teams applied for tournament and bracket was made which wasn’t understand serious enough by some people and obviously they don’t know how he works, so there was unnecessary problem.

Dissatisfaction was show by teams “little midgets” and “exodia” saying that bracket was setup ( for CroHQ pass) and that is stupid that “strong” teams meet before finals ( whatever does that mean to them).

Unfortunately, because of less experience organisation decided to give in and after long delay and various problems CroHQ team decided to give up from tournament how there would be 4 teams and how would tournament even finish.

Relative nervous tournament was continued and “Little Midgets” won against “Muted fucking mic”..

1. Little Midgets – 5000 CroHQ points
2. Muted Fucking mic – 3000 CroHQ points

Rewards for third place and forth place won’t be distributed because that match haven’t even been played from reason earlier mentioned. Items won’t be distributed too, because of unnecessary flaming in casual tournament so we will distribute them next time to viewers on Stream.

Next time there won’t be appeasement and it would be played as bracket would define. Size of bracket depends on number of teams and we don’t have any affect on how much teams has “free win” and how much teams need to play. I think that is, to every relative inteligent person, clear and we won’t go too much deep in mathematical formulas for defining bracket.

About seed for bracket that is specified by typping teams by order on how they applied and pressing random few times. We don’t have ELO system nor something similar how seed would be defined by some rules.For next time we will have something that will improve that part.

In future, we won’t ever look back on pranks made by other players and we will simply disqualify teams which don’t follow rules. Honestly, I don’t know why this hasn’t happened this time but on mistakes we learn.

Translated by: javolimkatarinu