by | Apr 22, 2016 | Competitions | 0 comments

After some chit-chat with other players and few suggestions on our forum, we decided to listen and change a bit our rewarding system.

Afterwards, instead of 10 000 CroHQ points for the winner we are going to give rewards to first 4 teams od Cup, exactly to all semi-finals teams:

1. Place 5000 CroHQ points and 5 Dota2 Items
2. Place 3000 CroHQ points
3. Place 2000 CroHQ points
4. Place 1000 CroHQ points

For the items you will find out later ( their total value is between 6-10 euros ), and this rewarding system will be for now, while we work on rewards for our next cups.

News is that this time will be match for third place, so semi-finalists don’t forgive from the cup after losing the semi-finals.

This weekend check-in and other administrative stuff about cup will be doing noni0ne and Vonderhej, so if you have some questions and difficulties you are free to apply to them on Steam.

For now, we have found one a little bit famous streamer ( girl ) and we are still searching for commentators. We have some in reserve which are willing to help until we don’t find somebody to work with us more serious.

Good luck to all teams and we see you on our stream tommorow.

Translated by: javolimkatarinu