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Just for you, and for our biggest fan Vigor, Noni0ne and I (bananko) are bringing you review on Spring Compendium. Community has started to break on seams, people started to hit Gaben with money until he gave in and allow us to buy him a new Porsche.

In this moment of writting this article prizepool for International is more than 3.633.485,00$, and Valve promises more hats and rewards if community breaks last years prizepool (18.429.613,00$). This Compendium is double edition – International and Manila which are held this year. All informations can be found HERE, and we are bringing you 5 most interesting old and new features:

1. Questovi

Last Compendium was nice for both of us because of quests, which are breaking monotony of playing with same picks and same lineups. This time, Valve is bringing new Stars system( Angry Birds style ) which are representing various levels of difficulty for completing the quests. As the last time, finishing quests give rewards, and collecting 3 stars on all quests gives new style upgrade for new skin. On 225 level you unlock new Quest path for Legion Commander. Noni and I for sure won’t get to that level, so maybe someone of you describes us that questline.

2. Battlepass matchmaking system

That’s right, ranked games just for owners of Compendiums. Calibration is standard 10 games, and after 40 matches there is option to change Season MMR with existing! Interesting option which would extend queue time, and there is possibility that this is one of the measures which Valve is using to react to MMR Boosters and Account traders ( at least for a short period). For Peak MMR ( max value of MMR in season ) you get boot which you can show on your profile.

3. Weekend Cups

Valve is copying us and is bringing Weekend Cups! With Compendium, except hats and bunch of great stuff, you will get 1 ticket for participation in Weekend Cups which will be held next month. Cups will be divided into 4 regions ( geographical), and brackets are single elimination. There will be 8 teams. Of course, for wins you are getting various boots and battle points.

4. Terrain modifiers and river of blood!

With this compendium there is terrain modifier which changes style of map into spring, and except that on level 125 you are getting checkered abomination which- stays forever. Community loudly begged Valve to leave winter terrain modifier, but at the end it expiried. But for cheap price of 125 levels you are getting checkered trees which stay forever! ( Spring terrain has expiration date, just as winters.)

Novelty on last compendium is river modifier, which you guessed, changes color of rivers. There are cool one, and there are ugly one ( why would somebody modify river to look like river of dead enemies). First modifier you are getting on 85th level, ultimate modifier which converts river into blood river, you are getting on, sure reachable, 2500 level. Winnings in games you are collecting charges on this modifiers ( Vial), and 1 charge lasts for 10 minutes. At least, they could put 1 charge 1 game. -_-

Blood river modifier...

Blood river modifier…

5. Hats!

Ez skins ez life. Drops for leveling up and endgame drops are langsyne and a few of them can remember what was feeling of getting good drop, but for a small price of 9.99$ Valve is giving you opportunity to remember the feeling and to earn few nice skins. So there are taunts, weather modifiers, evolving pokemon couriers and wards, HUDs and Axe Announcer packs etc. etc. With casual playing you can level up your Compendium and earn few skins.


Except hats there are various modifiers for blink, tp, force etc. guaranteed fun for whole family! Rest we are letting you to discover alone, and one of you will get battlepass on Sunday’s cup on channel. Next article will be when Mayor starts, until than CYKA BLYAT!