by | Jun 7, 2016 | CroHQ CS:GO, News | 0 comments

After a while when we tried to form a CS:GO team, last week it came to a critical point when that few players that remained, quit.

Namely, after a lot of attempts of finding serious players without various complexes and with enough will and free time, we have decided to stop looking for them and that we currently quit the idea of forming or hostingĀ a CS:GO team.

While we are focusing on one game and never getting our goal accomplished, our other sections suffer, so we have decided to turn to Dota 2 and CS:GO is going to second plan.

We are hoping that we will find few people interested in CS:GO section how we could start with that again and start with CS:GO cups. For a start, they would be every two weeks so that one week is CS:GO cup on stream and another is Dota2 cup but more about that when we get to that point.