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After first week CroHQ & BigBx ARMA3 server admin has added minor changes ( and a short review of server ) and how I wouldn’t talk any much longer am gonna leave you with one member of our ARMA3 server admin Johnnie Walker.

I have noticed that new players have problems with surviving so I changed spawn of NPCs from 4+4random to 2+2 and period of attacks by player have been raised to 10-15 minutes. That is going to bother full gear players but we need to give a chance to everyone. Time between that can be used for looting, crafting or sunbathing on your bases.

Server works perfect and there wasn’t any interruptions except normal regular restarts; it works on constant 40 fps which means:
– with old AMD CPUs players have 25-30 fps
– Intel i3 40-60fps
i5 and i7, doens’t go below 60 fps.
and that all on Ultra settings.

AntiHack log is empty but we had 4 global bans from Battleye. Those “players”  I beg to not tell me anything because I don’t have anything to do with that and they need to refer to Battleye. Although I don’t think they would make anything because official logs of their mischief and attempts of using prohibited hacks.

I would just add that admin works perfect job and there are gonna be more news about server which will interest you for sure. 😉

Translated by: Javolimkatarinu