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After some time we have decided to do a reboot on our Ark server where we have some faithful players but no newcomers in a while.

For that reason we have decided to make a reboot of the server, change our server admin and introduce new changes in hope of gathering more people.

For start we will do a wipe of the server so everybody would have the same chance in improvement. Also, we will add some mods because of improvement over Vanilla serves and to make the game more entertaining and more attractive to other players.

Some of mods that we plan to add are:
1. Big Raft
2. Pimp My Dino
3. No Collision Pipes N Cables
4. ORP – Offline Raid Protection v03.27.16.16
5. Industrial Grinder
6. Metal with Glass Set
7. Powered Fabricator
8. No Collision Structures
9. NC Struct – Graedow version

Beside mods one of the most important changes is a new map called Valhalla and maybe you are asking yourself why that map.

Valhalla is bigger than other maps, and it has nice layout of islands and content on them so it will enable more exploring  and gameplay elements which we plan to introduce in future.

You can read more about the mods and other events on our forum where we hope that you will express your wishes and desires about the server.

We hope that we will see you on our ARK server in new edition and we will inform you when the server is going to be wiped.

Translated by: Javolimkatarinu